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February 15, 2022

Tow Advocacy and Training Experts ERSCA Partner with HAAS Alert Safety Cloud® to Keep Towers Safer

The Emergency Road Service Coalition of America (ERSCA) and HAAS Alert are teaming up to train and protect tow operators. ERSCA will teach thousands of operators how Safety Cloud’s digital alerting can help protect tow operators from the greatest risk they face.

Founded in 2012, ERSCA’s mission of facilitating and promoting collaboration in the towing industry includes a special focus on training and advocacy. Through education and partnership, ERSCA is committed to improving working conditions for towing and recovery companies, as well as ensuring the safety of their members and the communities they serve. They offer some of the leading training and advocacy services and continent to update their guide with life-saving products and services for use in the field. 

Safety Cloud by HAAS Alert adds a critical layer of safety by digitally alerting drivers inside their vehicles up to 30 seconds in advance. This alert gets motorists’ attention, giving them ample time to safely slow down and move over. Digital  alerts have been shown to lower the risk of a collision by up to 90%, and reduce speeds 25% within the first second of being received.

Drivers receive these alerts through Google’s popular navigation app Waze, used by over 30 million people every month. This year, millions of select Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Chrysler and Alfa Romeo vehicles are now able to receive these alerts directly through the car’s infotainment screen without any third-party application. Safety Cloud alerts are coming to even more vehicles and platforms in the months ahead, expanding this protection to even more motorists everywhere.

“Despite Move Over laws in all fifty states and tower investments in lights, signage, training, and other safety tools, the risk to towing operators and their fleets continue to increase, with injuries and deaths skyrocketing every year," says Tom Parbs, Director and Roadside Advocate at HAAS Alert. "It’s more important than ever that towers get the attention of drivers inside their vehicles in a timely and effective manner. We are proud to partner with ERSCA to help make digital alerting a standard in their safety training so we can help towers get home safely to their families.”  

“We’re excited to include HAAS Alert’s digital alerting as a part of our training,” says Quinn Piening, President at ERSCA. “As a Safety Cloud user, I know it makes a difference. I chose it because it protects my most important assets - my employees and the customers we serve. ERSCA is committed to advocacy and the safety of all towing and roadside workers, and together we can help our men and women do their jobs and get home safely.”

For more information, visit haasalert.com or ersca.org

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