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Safety Cloud® Integrations

Learn more about the partners that make up the largest connected safety network on the road today.



The Digital Alerting Platform of Choice

Safety Cloud connects things on the road together in a real-time communication network, including vehicles and systems trusted and used by drivers nationwide every day. From consumer and emergency vehicles to work zones, roadway equipment, and telematics platforms, Safety Cloud is the most trusted solution for digital alerting. Read on to see the companies and brands partnering with us to make roads safer everywhere.

Fleet Manufacturers

Consumer Automotive

Automotive Solutions

Safety Cloud in Action

Fleet Solutions

Traffic Signals & Infrastructure

Road Safety Equipment

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Connect with us to learn more about easily activating a Safety Cloud integration for your fleet.

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The Only Dedicated Network for Road Safety

Safety Cloud connects public safety vehicles, roadside fleets, and workzone crews with motorists, vehicles, and smart transportation systems.

Prevent Collisions Protect responders and roadside workers from collisions by alerting drivers to slow down and move over.
Manage Fleets Monitor fleets in a real-time, customizable dashboard with enhanced incident and alerting insights.
Connect Communities Integrate Safety Cloud with transportation agencies, municipal partners, and other fleets for innovative smart city solutions.

Integrate with Safety Cloud

HAAS Alert partners with vehicle manufacturers, telematics providers, and other transportation solutions to make Safety Cloud available to as many fleets as possible. Contact us to integrate Safety Cloud into your platform or vehicles.

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