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Safety Cloud® Digital Alerting

Safety Cloud monitors the road and alerts drivers when it matters the most.

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A Connected Safety Solution

Safety Cloud is the first-ever connected vehicle platform dedicated to road safety, delivering advance warning digital alerts to drivers when hazards are ahead.

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The Problem

Roads Can Be Dangerous

Even with flashing lights, sirens, and other warning equipment, drivers frequently fail to slow down or move over for emergency responders and other road workers,


The Solution

Digital Alerts Warn Drivers Earlier

When fleets or roadway assets are en-route or on-scene, Safety Cloud delivers real-time notifications to approaching drivers through the navigation applications and vehicle infotainment centers they're already using today.

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The Impact

Safety Cloud Makes Roads Safer

Alerted drivers have more time to slow down and move over, lowering the risk of a collision and improving safety for responders, workers, and other vulnerable road users.

Alerting Partners

Safety Cloud alerts are delivered to drivers in vehicle dashboards and through leading navigation applications.

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Connecting and Protecting Fleets and Operators

Safety Cloud alerts can be delivered from any vehicle or asset that alerts drivers on the road today including emergency vehicles, towing and recovery vehicles, work zone equipment, school buses, and more. Service can be equipped in three ways:

The Future of Safety, Today

Safety Cloud's real-time vehicle communication network makes roads safer and smarter. Digital alerts reduce distracted driving, lower the risk of collision, and protect vulnerable road users.

0% Reduction in Chance of Collision
0% Reduction in Hard-Braking by Incidents
0% Speed Reduction After Alert

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Smarter Fleets

All-In-One Situational Awareness

Safety Cloud includes a Situational Awareness Dashboard for equipped fleets and road work managers with expanded reporting and tracking functionality, delivering a full-picture snapshot of safety and alerting activity in real-time.

More on Fleet Management

R2R Add-On

Responder-to-Responder Alerting

Responder-to-Responder (R2R™) alerts notify responders when other Safety Cloud-equipped vehicles in active response mode are imminently approaching the same intersection. A set of lights attached inside the vehicle alert operators that a potential collision is imminent, providing critical warning to slow down.



Expand and Innovate with FleetFusion™

Integrate a streaming feed of structured, real-time vehicle data from Safety Cloud into other third-party applications. FleetFusion allows you to enrich your internal dashboards, applications (e.g., ESRI’s ArcGIS), and traffic management centers with data generated by your Safety Cloud-equipped vehicles.

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From emergency responders to work zone crews, when you're on the road, we've got your back.

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