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Safety Cloud for Government

Safety Cloud offers alerting solutions for federal, state, and city agencies

How Government Agencies Use Safety Cloud

Protecting Roadside Responders Digital alerts are delivered to drivers up to 30 seconds in advance of where you are, so cars on the road know where you are.
Improving Move Over Law Compliance When drivers receive a digital alert in advance of a scene on the side of the road, they have more time to be aware of the situation to slow down and move over.
Connecting Communities with V2X for Safety When more communities are equipped with Safety Cloud digital alerting, roadways are smarter, and become safer.

Digital Alerting Codified and Funded in Infrastructure Bill

Transformative legislation includes millions in federal grants to protect responders and public safety fleets with digital alerting. 

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FHWA Innovator Newsletter: Emergency Vehicle Alerts Boost Driver Awareness

Innovator, a magazine from the Federal Highway Administration, reports that new digital alerting technologies are helping boost driver awareness of emergency vehicles on the roadways. 

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For government agencies, safer motorists and smarter roads start with HAAS Alert.

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