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Safety Cloud® digital alerts ensure the road is clear for essential workers in every industry.

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Safety Cloud for Towing Operators

Towing professionals rely on Safety Cloud to digitally alert drivers to slow down and move over, which drastically reduces the risk of collisions on and near the roadway.

Service Integrations

Safety Cloud can be activated on select telematics and connectivity platforms, enabling tow fleets to deliver alerts without installing additional hardware.

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HAAS Alert Joins the AAA Automotive Preferred Supplier Program

The addition of Safety Cloud to the program will give AAA service fleets comprehensive information on how to equip and use this technology for added protection when providing roadside assistance.

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Trusted in Towing

I care about the safety and protection of our staff, so I use HAAS Alert. Drivers need to be aware of our operators working on the roadways, and the best way to do that is to get an Alert INSIDE of the car to grab the motorists’ attention. This means drivers can now see us working up ahead and they can easily slow down and move over. Safety Cloud is a must if you work the roadways.

Andrew Heykoop
Eagle Towing, Montague, MI

HAAS Alert Safety Cloud is a no brainer. This safety service is so important to protecting the lives of my employees and my business. It is a must have to include so drivers can see our lights, our cones, our signs, and our people on the road. You can’t put a price tag on someone’s life, so don’t ask ‘why do it’ ask ‘why have you not made HAAS Alert a standard part of your safety yet?’

Josh Schafer
Pulver Towing, MN

I love the alerts going to motorists from Safety Cloud. It means that my guys are getting an extra 30 seconds of safety when they are on the road, and it means I am doing everything I can to get them home safer to their families. I also really like that I get free vehicle tracking with HAAS. It’s easy to track my vehicles, know where they are, and know they are safer working an incident.

PJ Daly
PJ’s Towing, Lansing, MI

Easily Equip Your Fleet

Tow fleets can equip Safety Cloud on any vehicle or rig in two ways.


Protect Towers


In partnership with the International Towing and Recovery Museum and the Survivor Fund, HAAS Alert launched the #NoMoreNamesOnTheWall campaign in 2021 to bring more awareness to the risks tow operators face on the road. Click below to learn more.


Towing Industry Memberships and Partnerships

HAAS Alert is a proud partner of towing associations, leaders, and advocates across the nation.

Towing Association Memberships

• International Towing & Recovery Museum
• Michigan Towing Association
• Pennsylvania Towing Association
• Minnesota Professional Towing Association
• VATRO (Virginia)
• Professional Towing & Recovery Operators of Illinois
• Wisconsin Towing Association
• National Tow List
• Arizona Professional Towing & Recovery Association
• Towing & Recovery Association of Georgia
• Tennessee Tow Truck Association
• Towing & Recovery Association of America
• Towing & Recovery Association of Washington
• Towing & Recovery Association of Kentucky
• Idaho Towing Association
• California Tow Truck Association
• South Dakota Professional Towing Association
• Sunshine State Towing Association (FL)
• Indiana Towing & Wreckers Association
• Professional Wrecker Operators of Florida

Safety Cloud in Action

As a business owner and employer, I can sleep better at night knowing I have done everything in my power to keep our people safer. Our employees are like family, and I use Safety Cloud to get them home at the end of the day.

Lee Bellemare
Abyss Towing, Boise, ID

I know my operators are safer because of Safety Cloud. Not only can I track multiple operators out on the road, even in multiple States, but I know that when they are helping our customers on the roads that HAAS is getting alerts into motorists’ cars and getting them to slow down and move over. This means we get home safer to our families at the end of the shift.

Lori Engebretson
Tow Ops Safety Network

HAAS Alert provides the necessary early warning needed for drivers to slow down and move over, making the scene safer for our most valuable assets - our people.

Todd Leiss
Incident Management Coordinator, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

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For towing fleets, Safety Cloud means alert drivers and safer roadside work.

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