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We've Got Your Fleet Covered

Safety Cloud® digital alerts ensure the road is clear for essential workers in every industry.

Safety Cloud for Towing Operators

Towing professionals rely on Safety Cloud to digitally alert drivers to slow down and move over, which drastically reduces the risk of collisions on and near the roadway.

Service Integrations

Safety Cloud can be activated on select telematics and connectivity platforms, enabling tow fleets to deliver alerts without installing additional hardware.

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Video Profile

Towing Expert Ron Pratt and Family on Roadside Safety and Digital Alerting

Join towing expert Ron Pratt as he and his family offer valuable insights on roadside safety and the vital role Safety Cloud plays. Ron’s years of experience and a deep understanding of the industry provide a unique and worthwhile perspective on the importance of safety for emergency responders.

Easily Equip Your Fleet

Tow fleets can equip Safety Cloud on any vehicle or rig in two ways.


Protect Towers


In partnership with the International Towing and Recovery Museum and the Survivor Fund, HAAS Alert launched the #NoMoreNamesOnTheWall campaign in 2021 to bring more awareness to the risks tow operators face on the road. Click below to learn more.


Towing Industry Memberships and Partnerships

HAAS Alert is a proud partner of towing associations, leaders, and advocates across the nation.

Towing Association Memberships

• International Towing & Recovery Museum
• Michigan Towing Association
• Pennsylvania Towing Association
• Minnesota Professional Towing Association
• VATRO (Virginia)
• Professional Towing & Recovery Operators of Illinois
• Wisconsin Towing Association
• National Tow List
• Arizona Professional Towing & Recovery Association
• Towing & Recovery Association of Georgia
• Tennessee Tow Truck Association
• Towing & Recovery Association of America
• Towing & Recovery Association of Washington
• Towing & Recovery Association of Kentucky
• Idaho Towing Association
• California Tow Truck Association
• South Dakota Professional Towing Association
• Sunshine State Towing Association (FL)
• Indiana Towing & Wreckers Association
• Professional Wrecker Operators of Florida

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For towing fleets, Safety Cloud means alert drivers and safer roadside work.

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