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Safety Cloud Pricing for Fleets

Equip your fleet with Safety Cloud for lifesaving protection on every run.

R2V® with HA-7
Hardware Included

Responder-to-Vehicle Digital Alerting with our HA-7 device

for Public Safety, Towing, and DOT Fleets

As low as

$449 / YR

Per Vehicle

Available in 1, 3, 5 Year Plans
Pay Annual or Upfront

R2V® with HA-Direct
No Hardware Required

Responder-to-Vehicle Digital Alerting via equipment integration

for Public Safety, Towing, and DOT Fleets

As low as

$259 / YR

Per Vehicle

Available in 1, 3, 5 Year Plans
Pay Annual or Upfront

Alerting Millions of Drivers On:

Protecting your fleet with R2V alerting ensures the safety of your crew by sending real-time digital alerts to millions of drivers across multiple platforms, prompting them to slow down and move over.

Every Safety Cloud Fleet Receives:

  • Check Unlimited protection with one flat fee and no variable costs
  • Check Access to customizable Situational Awareness Dashboard
  • Check Monthly report with key response and alerting statistics
  • Check Full-time customer support


Responder-to-Responder Digital Alerting with our LED Kit

for Public Safety Fleets

As low as

$399 / YR

Per Vehicle

Requires R2V subscription


R2R Collision Prevention boosts your safety and streamlines your operations by giving you early warnings if you're about to cross paths with another emergency vehicle. With these alerts, you prevent collisions and keep your crew connected on the road.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between HA-7 and HA-D R2V service?

Safety Cloud Responder-to-Vehicle alerting can be activated on any fleet vehicle in two ways; with our HA-7 hardware, or through an HA-D hardware-free integration.

With the hardware activation of Safety Cloud, we will send you HA-7 devices to be installed in your fleet vehicles. The HA-7 connects to the lighting or alerting trigger on your vehicle, sending out digital alerts as soon as you turn your lights on, with nothing else you need to do. 

R2V through HA-D enables any fleet to activate service on existing telematics and fleet management software you might already have active on your truck. Samsara, Geotab,  and Cradlepoint are just a few example of the many available integrations we offer. You can learn more about HAAS Alert's integration options on our Integrations page

Are there any ways to lower the price of Safety Cloud for me and my fleet?

HAAS Alert offers a variety of ways to reduce the per-vehicle cost of R2V and R2R service. In addition to lower cost for hardware-free activations, fleets can also secure reduced pricing for large activations, extended contract terms, and by paying up front rather than annually. Talk with our team to get a custom quote for your fleet with the best possible pricing.

Can I choose to only have R2R alerts?

Safety Cloud R2V service is required in order to equip R2R service in order to enable the delivery of outbound alerts. With R2R service, public safety fleets can add the ability to receive alerts in-cabin as well through our LED hardware (included in your service).
Safety Cloud has significantly reduced the number of struck-by incident and near misses that we've had on our vehicles.
- Todd Leiss
Traffic Incident Management Coordinator, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
The ability to use our Cradlepoint routers and NetCloud platform to add HAAS Alert’s collision prevention service meant that I could immediately introduce more safety to our people while they are responding to calls
- Josh McDaniel
Chief, Irondale Fire Department
Safety Cloud is the next evolution in technology for safety. It gives people advance warning that we can't give them.
- Ron Pratt
Owner, Midwest Truck Sales & Service

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