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Smarter Alerts, Safer Roads

Safety Cloud® enables responders to digitally alert drivers inside vehicles for safer roads.

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Safety on Every Run

Connection and Protection for Responders and Fleets

Safety Cloud connects first responders, towing and recovery fleets, and roadway workers with vehicles and motorists for real-time digital alerts that prevent collisions and improve road safety for everyone.

For Fire & EMS
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For Towing
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For Law Enforcement
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For Utility
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For Automotive
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For Government
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Alert Drivers in Vehicles and the World’s Largest Navigation Apps

Safety Cloud digital alerts are delivered to vehicles from leading automotive brands, as well as free navigation apps used by motorists every day.


How it Works

Safety Cloud Makes Roads Safer

First responders, towing and recovery fleets, and roadway workers use Safety Cloud to alert drivers, prevent collisions, and improve safety on every run.

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Customer Testimonials

Safety Cloud Protects Pittsburgh Roads

First responders and government agencies across the Pittsburgh area work together to keep thousands of people safe. Take a look at this video to learn more about their shared mission to protect local roads with Safety Cloud by HAAS Alert.

Get Started with Safety Cloud

Learn more about Safety Cloud and digital alerting for your fleet. Thousands of departments and fleets nationwide are already protected by Safety Cloud, now it is your turn.

Road Safety Experts Trust Safety Cloud

I think digital alerts are one of the single most beneficial items that we can have.
- Chief Jordan Cramer
Fire Chief, South Strabane Fire Department
Safety Cloud is the next evolution in technology for safety. It gives people advance warning that we can't give them.
- Ron Pratt
Owner, Midwest Truck Sales & Service
Safety Cloud has significantly reduced the number of struck-by incidents and near misses that we've had in our vehicles.
- Todd Leiss
Traffic Incident Management Coordinator, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

Make "Move Over" Matter

Safety Cloud digital alerts prevent collisions with approaching drivers by getting their attention earlier and more effectively.

Safety Cloud Dashboard

Name, group, and track every equipped vehicle and asset in an organized inventory with real-time status information.

Real-time Situational Awareness See the location and alerting status of your fleet from any device.
Customized Management Name, group, and track every equipped vehicle and asset in an organized inventory with real-time status information.
Actionable Insights Access new information and insights about your fleet, incidents, and alerting activity with monthly activity reports and exportable data.


HAAS Alert is recognized as a stand-out solution in the field of vehicle technology. Our emphasis on smarter, scalable solutions for everyone on the road means communities are safer with every digital alert that is delivered.

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