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November 4, 2022

HAAS Alert Delivers 2 Billion Digital Alerts on Safety Cloud®

More than 2 billion digital alerts notifying drivers to slow down and move over have been processed since the launch of Safety Cloud.

CHICAGO, IL (November 4, 2022) - HAAS Alert, the leaders in connected vehicle safety, announced today that the total number of digital alerts processed to drivers through its Safety Cloud service officially surpassed 2 billion last month. The 2 billionth alert marks a major milestone in connected vehicles and road safety in the United States.

Digital alerts are in-vehicle driver notifications from emergency vehicles, tow trucks, work zones, and other hazards that most states require drivers to slow down or move over for when approaching. When Safety Cloud-equipped vehicles and assets activate their emergency lights or warning systems, the service delivers digital alerts to approaching drivers through the most popular navigation applications and directly to head units and infotainment systems in connected vehicles and infrastructure.


The 2 billionth digital alert on Safety Cloud was delivered from Capitol City Towing in California on October 2 at 12:52 PM PST. The alert came less than a year after the 1 billionth alert at 3:08 PM CST on December 23, 2021, and almost five years since the first Safety Cloud alert was delivered from Grand Rapids Fire Department in Michigan at 8:26 AM CST on June 1, 2016.

“The public can see our tow trucks on the road because of these alerts, and it makes them feel much safer," says Michael Lopez, General Manager at Capitol City Towing, the fleet that delivered the 2 billionth alert. "Driver safety is our number one priority, and Safety Cloud keeps us one step ahead with driver notifications to the general public. These alerts help our operators be seen before being seen, which means much more safety for us and everyone else on the roadway."

Deputy Chief Brad Brown at Grand Rapids Fire Department noted that the department is still using Safety Cloud after partnering with HAAS Alert to develop the system in its earliest stages. "Grand Rapids Fire has valued our relationship with HAAS Alert from the beginning, and we're looking forward to our continued relationship to bring safer roadway operations to first responders and roadway workers across the country.”

The rapid increase in digital alerting volume has been driven by several key factors including the widespread availability of cellular-connected vehicles and the shocking spike in roadway collisions and fatalities, particularly those involving first responders, work zone operators, and other roadway workers. Emergency vehicle and work zone manufacturers have included digital alerting as a standard, prepaid safety feature on new equipment in recent years as well, helping to bring the technology to new communities and motivating fleets to equip the service as an aftermarket feature on the rest of their vehicles and assets for complete protection. In addition, funding for digital alerting was included in the Infrastructure bill signed into law in 2021, formally establishing federal dollars for the technology’s deployment in communities nationwide.

Today, nearly 2,000 fleets across the country use Safety Cloud to protect responders and crews. The service is available directly through HAAS Alert, and through integrations and partnerships with more than 40 leading partners, manufacturers, fleet telematics and wireless platforms, and dispatch solutions, making it the most accessible safety-focused connected vehicle solution ever. Automakers, autonomous vehicle makers, and other mobility providers and platforms are using Safety Cloud digital alerts to provide a connected vehicle experience to drivers and improve hazard avoidance as well - paving the foundation for safer cars and roads in the years to come.

Cory Hohs, CEO and co-founder of HAAS Alert, says that the 2 billionth alert is proof of digital alerting’s effectiveness and value. “Thanks to roadway responders and workers across the country, digital alerting is becoming a standard component of modern road safety in the era of connected cars. In a short time, their embrace and adoption of digital alerting has transformed our transportation system to be safer and more connected than ever.”

Learn more about Safety Cloud digital alerting at haasalert.com.

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