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May 5, 2021

Versilis Taps HAAS Alert's Safety Cloud® for I2V (Infrastructure-to-Vehicle) Digital Alerting

Versilis' access control solutions now send "closure" alerts to approaching motorists

CHICAGO, March 24, 2021 /GlobeNewswire/ --Versilis, Inc., an industry leader in automated access control solutions, announced it is now offering HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud digital alerting service as an add-on safety feature to its roadway product lines. Safety Cloud delivers real-time notifications to oncoming motorists that Versilis’ automated signs and gates are activated, indicating a road or lane closure ahead.

These alerts are received by motorists, connected cars, and autonomous vehicles via in-vehicle systems and navigation applications such as WAZE giving drivers clear advance warning and more time to safely slow down and move over. Receiving an advance warning about the nearby roadway hazard reduces the risk of crashes by up to 90%.

Jeremy Agulnek, HAAS Alert’s Senior Vice President of Connected Vehicle, said that partnering with roadway safety leaders like Versilis is core to HAAS Alert’s mission of making roads safer and smarter for everyone. “HAAS Alert makes it incredibly easy for any company to add digital alerting to their solution. Whether using our HA-5 transponder or HA-Direct API, connecting assets to Safety Cloud allows our partners to focus on their core business and leverage the power of Safety Cloud to deliver the safety alerts.”  

Marie-Claude Seguin, Vice President of Versilis, said, “Teaming with HAAS Alert to trigger In-Vehicle warning of an upcoming lane shift or closed access is aligned with Versilis' mission to increase highway worker and motorist safety. As more transportation agencies turn to automated gates for repetitive traffic control operations, we do everything in our power to provide the safest solutions to the industry. Driven by innovation, we are proud to start this partnership with HAAS Alert, a technology company with passionate individuals striving to enhance road safety.”

To learn more about this integrated solution, visit https://www.versilis.com/technology-partners-4/ or contact mcseguin@versilis.com.

About HAAS Alert
HAAS Alert's mission is to build lifesaving mobility solutions to make vehicles and roads safer and smarter. Our vision is a connected, collision-free world where everyone gets home safely. HAAS Alert makes roads and communities safer by delivering digital alerts from emergency response and other municipal fleets to nearby drivers. The company streams real-time alerts and other vital safety information to motorists and connected cars via in-vehicle and navigation systems when emergency vehicles are approaching and on-scene. For more information, visit www.haasalert.com or or contact press@haasalert.com.

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