Amarillo wrecker service utilizing roadside safety alert system

Aug 22, 2023

Story originally published by KFDA News Channel 10

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - An Amarillo towing company is keeping its employees and the public safe through a safety alert system.

The HAAS Alert System will digitally alert drivers through their car or navigation app when roadside workers are ahead.

“There’s more responders and roadside workers stuck and killed on the side of the road right now than there has been in decades in this country. You know we’ve always used lights and sirens to get peoples attention and they’re just not as effective as they used to be,” said Vice President of Communications for HAAS Alert Brock Aun.

T-Miller Wrecker Service began utilizing the HAAS Alert System just over four months ago and have been able to notify over 35,000 drivers when his workers are taking care of an incident.

“It gives them an added level of security and also their families. They have loved ones, they have wives or husbands or kids, and moms and dads, so you know just giving them that added level of security,” said Safety Manager for T-Miller Wrecker David Ferril.

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Research from HAAS shows that with the alert, the likelihood of a crash occurring is reduced by 90%.

“We’re more distracted than ever, our cars are more insulated than ever, there’s just so many reasons why drivers don’t get to slow down and move over in time. There’s an immense benefit to connecting people together through this way on the road,” said Aun.

The main goal of HAAS is the safety of everyone they notify.

“The more that you connect these things and give them the opportunity and the capability of sending and receiving information, the more you can improve safety on the road and actually ensure that people can just focus.” said Aun

Safety manager Ferril urges all drivers to take part in being proactive by enabling their push notifications on their cars and navigation apps.

“There’s no perfect system, there’s not, but it’s just knowing that you’re trying to protect everybody,” said Ferril.

The system is another tool added to the belt to ensure our community is kept safe on the roads.