Pi-Lit® Taps HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud® for Digital Alerting

Sep 8, 2020

Pi-Lit’s connected asset impact management system and smart sequential lights will use Safety Cloud to trigger real-time driver safety alerts.

September 2, 2020 – Pi-Lit (Pi Variables, Inc.) announced today that it is integrating its AIMSTM crash detection devices and sequential smart lights with HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud collision prevention service to deliver digital alerts to approaching drivers. As DOTs and Public Safety markets increasingly digitize and connect their equipment and operations, this new integration will provide Pi-Lit customers with an important layer of safety for work crews and first responders at the scene.


Pi-Lit’s smart IoT devices give the roadway and its critical assets a voice. The Asset Impact Management System (AIMS) notifies DOTs when roadway assets such as attenuators are struck. Smart LED warning lamps are coordinated to flash sequentially or simultaneously to provide advanced warning of a work zone, incident, assistance vehicles, or event. These connected safety devices are now utilizing Safety Cloud to alert approaching motorists and vehicles using the Waze navigation app on mobile devices and in-dash systems.


Jim Selevan, Founder and CEO of Pi-Lit, said of the integration, “Connecting Pi-Lit products to HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud was a fast and cost-effective way to add digital alerting functionality. As a company focused on road safety product innovation, partnering with HAAS Alert to deliver these critical driver warnings allows us to focus on our core business and customers.”


Cory Hohs, HAAS Alert’s CEO, said this integration demonstrates how Safety Cloud is being relied upon to add digital alerting to IoT devices. “Safety Cloud was built to provide all kinds of connected roadway assets - equipment, vehicles, infrastructure - with a way to communicate with drivers, connected cars, and autonomous vehicles using today’s wireless networks. In less than one week, Pi-Lit was demonstrating its new connected safety functionality to its customers.”


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About Pi-Lit®

Located in Tustin, Southern California, Pi-Lit (Pi Variables, Inc.) is a technology company applying its effort to road safety. Since 2013 our team has been developing, manufacturing, and supporting advanced road safety products for the transportation industry.  Pi-Lit products are now seen on roadways throughout the United States, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea and the Middle East.


About HAAS Alert

Leaders in collision prevention for emergency responders, roadway workers, and municipal fleets. HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud service and LTE/C-V2X solutions send real-time digital alerts to drivers and connected cars via in-vehicle systems, navigation application, and smartphones to aid drivers earlier in making safer, smarter driving decisions. Safety Cloud is now a standard safety feature on first responder fleet manufacturers and is relied upon by Public Safety departments and DOT fleets in over 100 U.S. cities. To date, the safety service has processed over 200,000,000 driver alerts. For more information, visit or contact

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