National Move Over Day 2023

National Move Over Day 2023

Oct 17, 2023


This Saturday, October 21st, communities across the United States observe National Move Over Awareness Day to highlight the importance of giving emergency responding fleets the space they need to operate. This day serves as a reminder of the "Move Over" laws in place across the United States, which require drivers to slow down and move over when they encounter emergency vehicles, tow trucks, and maintenance crews on the side of the road. The importance of these laws cannot be overstated, as they are designed to prevent accidents, save lives, and protect workers who keep our roads safe and clear.

Why Move Over Laws Matter

Every day, hundreds of thousands of first responders, roadside workers, construction personnel, and other professionals face the risk of injury and death to do their jobs on the road. Move Over Laws exist in all fifty states to protect these individuals on highways and roadways across the country. When drivers fail to move over, the risk of accidents and injuries dramatically increases - both for responders and workers on the road, as well as drivers and passengers themselves. Emergency personnel and roadside professionals need space to do their jobs safely and effectively, and giving them that room is both a legal and a social responsibility.

How HAAS Alert's Safety Cloud Makes Move Over Laws Matter

HAAS Alert's digital alerting platform Safety Cloud® is rapidly becoming a standard in roadway safety for enhancing the efficacy of move over laws. Digital alerts from Safety Cloud alert drivers in advance to the presence of emergency fleets on the side of the road, giving them more time to slow down and move over compared to traditional lights, sirens, and other analog alerting tools. 

By providing drivers with timely alerts inside their vehicles, digital alerts help drivers give drivers critical extra time to safely navigate as necessary with key maneuvers, such as changing lanes and slowing down. This not only ensures the safety of emergency responders and workers, but helps people better follow Move Over Laws. 

On National Move Over Day and every day, HAAS Alert is working towards a safer, more connected roadway for everyone. We hope you'll do your part in helping us by visiting our page dedicated to Move Over Day with additional information and resources on Move Over laws and best practices. Together, we can ensure that roadways are safe for everyone that works and travels on them.