October 16, 2021

HAAS Alert Shares Resources for National Move Over Day

Saturday, October 16 is National Move Over Day, when communities across the United States recognize the meaning and importance of Move Over Laws. With 2021 being the deadliest year to date for first responders working roadside, it's more important than ever for motorists to be reminded of the law. 

To do our part in helping to inform drivers of Move Over laws, HAAS Alert is excited to share a page of informational resources and shareable content about the policy. You'll find statistics and facts about the dangers faced by roadside workers, a timeline of the law's history, and additional pages and resources with additional information about Move Over laws. You can even download our full set of images for free to share to your networks and use in your own campaigns.  Click here to see for yourself.

Moving Over for emergency vehicles and roadside workers helps to prevent injuries and deaths, avoid collisions, and keep traffic moving safely around hazards. Remember to Move Over when it matters to help ensure that everyone gets home safely!


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