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May 12, 2023

HAAS Alert Brings Talking Cars to ITS America 2023

HAAS Alert took charge of discussions about the future of road safety and connected cars at ITS America 2023.

CHICAGO, IL, May 11, 2023 -- As leaders in the movement to advance the future of transportation, HAAS Alert proudly played a major role at ITS America 2023, one of the largest-ever gatherings in the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) sector. The event was bustling with over 3,000 attendees, all keen to discuss the exciting frontier of transportation technology and innovation. As the official Connected Car and V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) Sponsors of the show, HAAS Alert was front and center, spearheading industry discussions and even gracing the cover of the ITS Daily Magazine with a vehicle from Stellantis, the first major vehicle manufacturer to launch real-time V2X safety messaging in millions of its vehicles.

Our display featured a local Jeep vehicle equipped with Stellantis EVAS Alerts, which are powered by HAAS Alert's digital alerting and V2X platform Safety Cloud®. Attendees were able to witness first-hand how digital alerts delivered over cellular networks work seamlessly within the vehicle's interface, providing drivers with real-time hazard warnings to enhance road safety. The display was a hit, showcasing our dedication to developing technologies that not only advance the field of connected cars but also save lives.

Additionally, we were proud to present a comprehensive discussion on the history and benefits of digital alerting. We had the honor of being joined by special guests from Stellantis and the Pennsylvania Turnpike, demonstrating how different players in the transportation ecosystem play critical roles in advancing V2X. This collaboration illustrated our commitment to working with both manufacturers and infrastructure providers to implement these life-saving technologies effectively.

One of the highlights of HAAS Alert's involvement at ITS America 2023 was its participation in a stakeholder summit hosted by the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT). Held the day after the event, the summit provided an invaluable opportunity to collaborate with industry stakeholders on optimizing federal policy to enable the adoption of V2X technologies in communities nationwide. HAAS Alert and other proponents of cellular-powered V2X were instrumental in contributing to this important industry discussion, championing the importance of supporting and empowering the thousands of infrastructure owner operators and fleets that have deployed V2X digital alerting and laid the foundation of connectivity in navigation apps and millions of vehicles on the road toady.

Throughout the event, HAAS Alert was inspired by the commitment of our peers and partners to advance this critical technology, and we remain steadfast in our mission to make roads safer through V2X digital alerting systems.

To experience the excitement of the conference firsthand, watch this video featuring Brock Aun, HAAS Alert's Vice President of Communications, as he discusses the benefits of digital alerts and provides a practical demonstration for everyday drivers. 


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