September 12, 2019

HAAS Alert Conducts Nation's First 5G Fleet Tests Using Sprint True Mobile 5G

Today, we're sharing the exciting results of recent 5G fleet tests we completed in partnership with Sprint. 5G technology is poised to transform more than just cellular coverage; for public safety professionals and companies like us that serve them, it enables faster response times, expanded access to data in the field, and enhanced network reliability. In addition, as more and more connected and autonomous vehicles join everyday motorists on the road, cellular vehicle-to-everything technologies (C-V2X) like HAAS Alert's Safety Cloud® will use 5G networks to enable vehicles to communicate in real-time with each other, improving roadway awareness and preventing collisions, injuries, and fatalities.

Using Sprint's recently deployed True Mobile 5G network in our hometown of Chicago, we compared the speed and reliability of 5G to standard LTE networks using the HAAS Alert Safety Cloud® in vehicles equipped with HA-5 devices. Our pilot measured a 40% increase in speed and 72% reduction in variance, confirming the significant improvement that first responders and communities can expect with 5G technology. You can read the complete details of our pilot in the press release at Sprint's website.

Reid Goodbar, Software Engineer at HAAS Alert who constructed the 5G test, said "Working with these new technologies allows us to begin pushing faster speeds and more reliability as fleet communication over cellular begins to expand in the marketplace. With Sprint deploying some of the Nation's first 5G networks here in Chicago, it's been a great opportunity to get real-world pilots started up."

HAAS Alert is committed to providing first responders and motorists everywhere with the fastest, safest, and most reliable tools available to prevent collisions and save lives. In the months ahead, we'll share more exciting news about how we're using other emerging technologies, such as machine learning and advanced learning algorithms, to make our service smarter, more effective, and accessible to communities everywhere.

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