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Safety Cloud for Fire & EMS

Fire and EMS departments use Safety Cloud to reduce the risk of collisions en route and on scene, track fleet and crew status, and improve response times and interagency coordination.

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From firefighting fleets to ambulance corps, HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud service is a trusted solution that comes standard with industry-leading manufacturers and integrates seamlessly with many existing systems.

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Easily Equip Your Fleet

Fire and EMS fleets can equip Safety Cloud on any vehicle in two ways.


R2R Add-On

Responder-to-Responder Alerting

Responder-to-Responder (R2R™) alerts notify fire and EMS crews when other Safety Cloud-equipped vehicles in active response mode are imminently approaching the same intersection. A set of lights attached inside the vehicle alert operators that a potential collision is imminent, providing critical warning to slow down. Add as an additional subscription to your Safety Cloud service for complete protection.

Dealer Network

Service Integrations

Safety Cloud service can also be activated on trusted telematics and connectivity platforms to enable a hardware-free activation.

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Trusted by Industry Leaders

HAAS Alert is a proud partner and supporter of public safety. We work closely with industry leaders to ensure the future of transportation is built on a foundation of safety and security.

Fire Logos

These alerts give us extra peace of mind when we’re out there responding, and at the end of the day it helps us make sure that everyone can get home safely.

Battalion Chief Bob Welch
Lenexa Fire Department in Lenexa, Kansas

This is going to go in there whenever we get a new truck, it’s a no-brainer

Assistant Fire Chief Brad Brown
Grand Rapids Fire Department, Grand Rapids, Michigan

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For fire and EMS crews, Safety Cloud means safer roads and responses.

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