Safety Cloud®
For Government and Local Council

Safety Cloud® forGovernment and Local Council

Build safer communities at government and local level.

Timely Hazard Alerts

Timely Hazard Alerts

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Protect all roadway users

Leverage digital alerting to create a connected, collision-free world where everyone in your community gets home safely.

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Improve Move Over law compliance

Go beyond traditional lights and sirens to catch drivers' attention and prompt them to move over.

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Build smarter communities with V2X

Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology places a vehicle in an interactive network that unlocks new capabilities, functions, and solutions for everyone that shares the road.

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Digital alerting codified and funding

Digital alerting has been established as a critical safety tool for first responders and roadway workers.

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Safety Cloud Guide

Learn how Safety Cloud enables a new level of protection and awareness for all roadway users.