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The Campaign to Save Tow Lives

HAAS Alert and the International Towing Museum are partnering to protect tow fleets from struck-by fatalities.


The Survivor Fund

Since 2005, the International Towing and Recovery Museum has commemorated tow operators lost in the line of duty at the Wall of the Fallen and supported their surviving family members through the Survivor Fund. Since then, the problem of towing line-of-duty deaths has only gotten worse.

The Risk Facing Towing Operators

Towing professionals have one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. On every run, on nearly every road, tow truck operators face significant risk of injury and death.

Every 0Days A Tow Operator is Struck and Killed
A Total Of 0Responders Lost in 2021
At Least 0Names Added to the Wall Since 2006

Solving the Problem

Despite hazard lights, safer vehicles, and Move Over Laws in every state, motorists still fail to slow down and drive cautiously when passing by tow operators. Studies show that most drivers only have two seconds to react before impact once they see emergency lights. Giving drivers  advance warning can reduce the chances of a collision by 90%.

Safety Cloud for Towing Operators

Safety Cloud protects towers by alerting approaching drivers to slow down and move over through Waze.

Help Put #NoMoreNamesOnTheWall

HAAS Alert is working to protect towers from this deadly epidemic. Click below to do your part.

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Click below to learn more about the partners and movements behind #NoMoreNamesOnTheWall.

The International Towing & Recovery Museum Plan a visit, check events, and even donate to the museum by clicking the link below. Learn More
The Wall of the Fallen The Wall of the Fallen honors those killed in the line of duty. Click below to learn more about the wall and to make a donation. Learn More
The Survivor Fund The Survivor Fund provides financial support for families of those who have died in the line of duty. Click below to donate to the fund. Donate Now

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