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March 8, 2022

Waze and Safety Cloud® are Keeping Streets Safer, One Alert at a Time

Waze-powered alerts deliver a faster way to clear the road for first responders and roadside workers

Keeping safety pros safe on the road

For community heroes like police, firefighters, EMTs, tow truck drivers, work crews and other roadside operators, being struck by a passing vehicle is a serious, leading, and preventable cause of death. While lights and sirens typically give drivers less than three seconds to safely react, the Waze app protects workers by notifying drivers 30+ seconds sooner via HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud service.

More time to move over, fewer accidents

How does it work? Installed in vehicle transponders or via direct API integration, Safety Cloud activates when an emergency responder turns on lights and/or sirens. Nearby Wazers receive instant alerts about the hazard, giving them more time to move over, reducing the likelihood of collision, preventing injuries and deaths, and improving incident response times.

Give your alert services a boost

Alert services on Waze are available to all emergency and roadway fleets including first responders, emergency services, DOTs, roadway operators, roadside assistance services, and construction and utility vehicles. Use the links below to learn more about how to add your fleets to the Waze map.


Better alerts delivered worldwide.

  • 30+ seconds of advance hazard warning
  • 1000+ cities and safety departments using Safety Cloud (powered by Waze)

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