November 10, 2020

Maximizing Safety in Traffic Incident Response with Digital Alerting

This week, public safety departments across the country are recognizing National Traffic Incident Response Awareness week. Traffic incidents are a particularly dangerous part of community emergency response, and all first responders receive extensive training in the best practices and processes for managing emergencies in America's roads. In addition to learning how to manage the incidents that occur on the road, responders also have to master techniques for protecting themselves while in the field. These techniques are more critical than ever, as 45 emergency responders have already been struck and killed in the line of duty this year at the time of this writing. 


Safety Cloud® by HAAS Alert is a recent addition to the best practices in traffic incident management. The service provides emergency responders with a cutting-edge safety enhancement in the field that gets right at the cause of most responder-involved collisions: driver attention. Safety Cloud's digital alerts serve as an "advance warning" tool for responders to notify drivers that they're approaching an active incident in time for them to safely slow down and comply with Move Over laws. These alerts are delivered to drivers through navigation applications and in-dash systems like Waze that are used by millions of drivers and reduce the chances of a collision by as much as 90%.

From lights and sirens to blocker engines and digital signs, emergency responders have relied on a wide range of tools to protect themselves while working incidents on the road. Digital alerting is the first-ever traffic incident management solution that actually reaches into the vehicle to get the attention of drivers when it's most critical. 

move-over-buffaloThe Emergency Responder Safety Institute recently launched a new training module on advanced warning systems for traffic incident management, including technologies like Safety Cloud. Now, responders can learn more about digital alerting for enhanced safety while also earning credit towards a Traffic Incident Management certification. For more information, visit the ERSI website.

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