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July 20, 2022

Safety Cloud® Goes Beyond Digital Alerting with Fleet Management Tools

Every day, fleets across the country rely on Safety Cloud to keep them safe on the road. Safety Cloud connects alerting vehicles - like emergency vehicles, tow trucks, and roadside assistance fleets - to the motorists around them in a vehicle-to-everything (V2X) network dedicated to safety. Since the launch of Safety Cloud, the service has sent over a billion alerts to drivers in order to get them to slow down and move over, and ultimately keep everyone on the road safe. 

In addition to the lifesaving protection of digital alerting, Safety Cloud users also benefit from another valuable feature that allows them to better manage their vehicles: a Situational Awareness Dashboard with a suite of fleet management tools. By connecting vehicles to a dedicated, real-time network, fleet managers and operators can unlock a wide range of enhanced capabilities and insights.



The Safety Cloud Situational Dashboard allows users to monitor the location, alerting status, and response history of every equipped vehicle.

All Safety Cloud-equipped fleets gain access to a custom dashboard with real-time insights and fleet information. Managing an entire fleet of roadside response or emergency vehicles is a daunting task, and the Safety Cloud dashboard is designed to help lighten the load. Safety Cloud’s fleet management software includes a broad range of perks and benefits unique to the platform, including:

  • Real-Time Alerting Status and Location​​ of every equipped apparatus and vehicle
  • Incident Histories with details on every run including time on-scene
  • Monthly Reporting to track alerts and fleet performance over time
  • Closures to communicate short-term road closures near incidents
  • Fleet Labeling and Grouping for organization and tracking
  • Dashboard Sharing for trusted users and partners
  • Interoperable Visibility for improved coordinated response across agencies

The Situational Awareness Dashboard and its fleet management tools are included with every Safety Cloud account, providing both protection and connection in the field. Together, Safety Cloud digital alerting and the dashboard offer every connected fleet the advanced benefits and insights enabled by V2X technology.

If you are interested in learning more about Safety Cloud fleet management, click below to book a custom demo with our experts.



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