HAAS Alert Safety Cloud® Deepens Integration with Waze

HAAS Alert Safety Cloud® Deepens Integration with Waze

Aug 23, 2018

Today, we’re excited to announce that the HAAS Alert Safety Cloud® has expanded its list of supported vehicle types yet again, adding slow-moving vehicles like sanitation trucks and snow plows to our growing roadway safety ecosystem. This new capability can support any type of vehicle that typically moves at a speed lower than the posted speed limit or making frequent stops, and as a result affects the mobility of other motorists on the roadways. Waze is the first partner to accept this new real-time data feed from HAAS Alert.

The HAAS Alert Safety Cloud® was launched with the goal of sending digital alerts to nearby drivers when rapid response vehicles are en-route to or on-scene of an emergency situation. In the United States alone each year, there are over 60,000 collisions between motorists and First Responders - our mission is to make it safer on the roadways for everyone! The popular Waze mobile app has been with us since the beginning, integrating our real-time data feeds to alert Wazers as they approach these hazardous situations. As other mobile app, automotive, ride sharing, and commercial fleet partners incorporate the Safety Cloud® service into their applications, we expect to see the overall number of collisions reduce drastically.

Beyond First Responders and rapid response vehicles, we are seeing a number of other departments and agencies with similar safety-related concerns for their people and vehicles adopt HAAS Alert's digital alert technology. Maintenance trucks and utility vehicles, for example, spend a significant portion of their day on the roadways - both inside and outside the vehicle - and are as vulnerable to collisions with motorists as First Responders.