December 9, 2019

Partnering for Safety with North Texas Tollway Authority


HAAS Alert was awarded a three-year contract from North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) to equip all of the agency’s Roadside Safety Services vehicles with Safety Cloud® collision prevention service.

North Texas Tollway Authority operates and manages nearly 1,000 miles of toll roads in and around Dallas/Fort Worth, including the Dallas North Tollway, President George Bush Turnpike, Chisholm Trail Parkway, and 360 Tollway. Every day, NTTA's fleet helps stranded motorists and provides protection and traffic flow management at incident scenes and emergencies. These services relieve traffic congestion, improve commuting times, and increase the quality of life for local motorists. But in order to provide them, NTTA drivers and workers must work around dangerously fast-moving vehicles.

As we've written, driver collisions with roadway fleets and roadway responders happen almost daily. You can read some of our recent news summaries to see just how frequent these events have become. Quieter car cabins, distracted driving, and other factors put fleets and roadway crews at risk despite the regular use of lights and sirens. Even though laws requiring drivers to move over when they approach vehicles with active lightbars are active in all 50 states including Texas, these events still continue to occur.


HAAS Alert partners with first responders, roadway fleets, and agencies like NTTA solve this problem by extending the reach of lights and sirens into car cabins using digital alerting. Beginning in 2020, motorists operating on roads serviced by NTTA crews will receive digital alerts in-vehicle and on mobile devices through Waze when they approach fleets in active response mode. By broadcasting digital alerts to drivers in addition to traditional lights and sirens, our platform makes drivers more likely to react safely and comply with Move Over laws. 

In adopting Safety Cloud and digital alerting, NTTA is investing in safer crews and a stronger fleet. Reducing roadway collisions lowers fleet repair and replacement expenses, improves incident response times, and improves community safety overall. Most importantly, though, NTTA is making a direct investment in saving lives and preventing injury for the crews that serve Texas motorists day to day. We're proud to partner with them and look forward to keeping Texans alert and safe in the months ahead.

If you manage an emergency response or roadway fleet in Texas and are interested in joining NTTA on the Safety Cloud platform, click below to speak with our team.




Click here to read the official press release.


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