On National Slow Down, Move Over Day: CAA Partners with HAAS Alert to Protect Roadside Responders and Drivers

On National Slow Down, Move Over Day: CAA Partners with HAAS Alert to Protect Roadside Responders and Drivers

May 10, 2023

Story originally posted by  CAA South Central Ontario

Toronto, ON, Canada --  CAA South Central Ontario is excited to announce a partnership with HAAS Alert. The new partnership will send CAA-specific warnings to popular traffic and navigation apps.

Through the CAA dispatch system, Safety Cloud© by HAAS Alert will send warning messages of "CAA Rescuer Ahead. Slow Down, Move Over" and "Vehicle Breakdown. Slow Down, Move Over" to the world's largest navigation apps, including Waze and vehicles covered by the Stellantis Group OEM (Dodge, Jeep, RAM, Chrysler, and Alfa Romeo). The alerts are specific to CAA member rescue calls but will be visible to anyone who uses the alerting platforms.

"As longtime advocates for road safety, CAA is always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to enhance safety on our roads. The new partnership with HAAS Alert helps drivers obey the law and provides an extra layer of safety to those who are stranded and to our Roadside Assistance Rescuers," says Teresa Di Felice, assistant vice president of Government and Community Relations at CAA South Central Ontario.

Every year CAA clubs across Canada mark the second Tuesday of May as National Slow Down Move Over Day. This year, National Slow Down Move Over Day is on May 9, 2023. 

Across North America, nearly 100 tow truck drivers are killed every year after being struck by oncoming traffic while helping stranded motorists with flat tires, breakdowns, and collisions.

"As we approach the summer driving season, it is important for drivers to slow down and move over when approaching a roadside emergency rescue. By doing so, we can help protect the lives of those who work on our roads and highways and make our roads safer for everyone," adds Di Felice.

In Ontario, the SDMO law requires drivers to slow down, and if there is space and it's safe, move over one lane when approaching a stopped emergency vehicle, including tow trucks, with flashing lights. Fines could range from $400 to $2,000 and 3 demerit points if convicted and possible suspension of driver's licence for up to 2 years.

By partnering with HAAS Alert and using this technology to warn drivers of stranded vehicles and tow trucks on the side of the road, CAA is working to make our roads safer for everyone.

For more information about CAA's advocacy for road safety and the Slow Down Move Over Law, please visit caasco.com/sdmo

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As a leader and advocate for road safety and mobility, CAA South Central Ontario is a not-for-profit auto club which represents the interests of over 2.4 million Members. For over a century, CAA has collaborated with communities, police services and governments to help keep drivers and their families safe while travelling on our roads.

About HAAS Alert

HAAS Alert's mission is to build lifesaving mobility solutions to make vehicles and roads safer and smarter. Our vision is a connected, collision-free world where everyone gets home safely. HAAS Alert makes roads and communities safer by delivering digital alerts from emergency response, municipal and private fleets, work zones, and connected infrastructure to nearby drivers through its vehicle communication platform Safety Cloud. For more information, visit www.haasalert.com