Canadian Automobile Association Club Group + Safety Cloud®: Keeping Towing Professionals Safe on Dangerous Roads

The Canadian Automobile Association Club Group (CCG) services two automobile clubs — CAA South Central Ontario (SCO) and CAA Manitoba. That territory also includes Highway 401 — a stretch of road so dangerous that it has its own reality show.

CCG decided to seek out a safety solution to make sure their Rescuers and Members got home safely every day. The team eventually came across Safety Cloud by HAAS Alert — the digital alerting system that provided the exact service they were looking for. 

Read the CCG case study to learn how the organization added additional protection for towing professionals, including key details on:

  • The risk that CCG tow truck operators face every day
  • How Safety Cloud digital alerting elevated safety for CCG
  • Results that the CCG team saw from implementing Safety Cloud

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