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December 20, 2021

Fleet Focus: iGo Now Roadside

Every day, hundreds of thousands of emergency responders and workers do critical life-saving work on roads and highways across the country. Our Fleet Focus series highlights just some of the day-to-day experiences of these workers and what they see and experience while working in the field. This Fleet Focus features Virgil White from South Charleston Fire Department in South Charleston, West Virginia.


About iGo Now Roadside

Hi, I’m Rose Smith and this is my husband Chad Smith. We own iGo Now Roadside in Titusville, Florida. We’re snuggled right between Cape Canaveral and Daytona Beach, Florida so we see a lot of different types of activities. Mainly tourists but also some older folks and we started this business in May of our own, however Chad’s been in the tow industry for about 25 years. I’ve been a tow spouse for about 17 years and now I also have a service truck of my own. 

So in our corridor, which is Daytona Beach, Florida to Vero Beach, Florida, it’s about a 100 mile stretch of corridor, 95 north to south, runs right through down to Miami. 

Dangers on the Road in Titusville

Since January 1st of this year, I know of 24 people that have been killed in our corridor, and all of them struck by cars on the side of the roadway, including but not limited to Road Ranger and the guy was seriously hurt. Didn’t kill him thank god, but he was hit. 

I pick my phone up and because of all the tow operators I’m involved with, communities that we’re in, social media based wise, seems like everyday someone’s getting hit on the side of the road. 

I’ve had a couple close calls and I’m telling you, we did put the HAAS devices in our trucks and it makes a difference. 

iGo Now Roadside Installs Safety Cloud®

Depending where I’m at, what day it is, and what traffic looks like, 25-50% of the vehicles do start to move over when I turn the device on. It’s wired directly into my lights so as soon as I turn my lights on to get off the freeway, which I do a 100 yards back, and start slowing traffic down anyway, they go around me and kind of get the idea. So by doing that I do notice an influx of drivers moving over including semi drivers and everybody else like big rig drivers and stuff like that. And that’s the most important thing.  

The more awareness, and the more alert that we can make people aware off, that we’re just as equally important, right. So we all have families to go home to, we all have people that depend on us, we all have businesses we’re trying to run. 

My point of view, we started this so we could help people, that was the idea. And the thing is people are very mindful when they are getting the help, but they’re not mindful when they’re driving by others getting help. I’m just asking, even if they can’t move over, please slow down. 

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