October 13, 2021

Fleet Focus: South Charleston Fire

Every day, hundreds of thousands of emergency responders and workers do critical life-saving work on roads and highways across the country. Our Fleet Focus series highlights just some of the day-to-day experiences of these workers and what they see and experience while working in the field. This Fleet Focus features Virgil White from South Charleston Fire Department in South Charleston, West Virginia.


About South Charleston Fire Department

My name is Virgil White, I’m the fire chief of the South Charleston Fire Department. I’ve been in the fire service for 35 years, and a member of the South Charleston Fire Department for 28 years. 

Our department is 52 fire fighters, our city is approximately 11 square miles and it consists of a major interstate which is Interstate 64 and two main state highways, which are very high traffic areas. 

We respond to 100’s of auto accidents on our major highways every year, which distracted driving, speeding, and impairment are three of the main causes. That’s the hazards that we face. 

Safety Cloud Transforms Safety

No matter how many emergency lights you have, or with the sirens blaring, a lot of people don’t pay attention, for one reason or the other. So it’s very important that we have every tool to our advantage. That’s where the Safety Cloud® comes into play. 

By having the Safety Cloud, it does give us another tool in the toolbox by warning the drivers ahead of time that there’s an incident or we’re approaching them. 

Safe driving is everyone’s responsibility. That is why we have also installed the R2R™ (Responder-to-Responder) on all of our apparatus. This will ensure that when multiple units are responding to a call, that early alert is going to let everyone know that they’re close to each other and they need to start paying attention to avoid a collision at an intersection. 

People are alerted, they begin to slow down. Even if someone doesn’t have those navigation tools in their cars, once someone else starts slowing down, they’re going to slow down. 

I feel that this has increased the safety for my firefighters and the people driving.  

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Interested in Safety Cloud and digital alerting for your fleet? Click below to see for yourself how Safety Cloud can lower the chances of a collision by up to 90%. 




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