September 9, 2021

Fleet Focus: First Class Auto

Every day, hundreds of thousands of emergency responders and workers do critical life-saving work on roads and highways across the country. Our Fleet Focus series highlights just some of the day-to-day experiences of these workers and what they see and experience while working in the field. This Fleet Focus features John Dewees from First Class Auto in Philadelphia, PA.


About First Class Auto

My name is John Dewees, I work for First Class Auto out of Philadelphia, PA. We have approximately 5,6 trucks running in the Philadelphia area. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is a very busy town. It is a lot of people wanting to get somewhere fast. We do 95, 476, there are several interstates that go through here.

The Dangers in Philadelphia

People fly by us, 85. I know the speed limit through Philadelphia on 95 is 55, they are well up above and past that. You’ll get 75 and 85 mile per hour tractor trailers brushing the mirrors. I was struck and hit in a construction zone. It really screwed my life up.

On Safety Cloud

The HAAS Alert unit, and I’ve got some videos where I didn’t have HAAS Alert and you can see where the people are just flying by. Then I have videos with HAAS Alert and you can see, once the signal gets out there, 30 seconds or whatever, you can start to see the people moving over. At a dollar a day, my life’s worth a dollar a day just out of my own pocket. But if I were to have employees like I did, I would definitely invest in a dollar a day for an employee because as a business owner if you were to get sued, it’s a lot more headaches there too. To keep your crews safe, I think it’s well worth the dollar a day. 

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