Safety Cloud® by HAAS Alert

The world's only real-time vehicle network dedicated to safety.

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Connected Safety for Modern Roads

Safety Cloud by HAAS Alert prevents collisions by digitally alerting drivers of critical roadway information.

Use Case Prevent Collisions Safety Cloud delivers real-time digital alerts to drivers from emergency vehicles, responders, work zones, and road hazards, reducing the risk of collision by 90%. See How It Works
Use Case Connect Fleets Safety Cloud enables real-time fleet visibility and management for safer and more effective operations on the road. Request a Demo
Use Case Protect Motorists Notify drivers and vehicles of upcoming and unexpected hazards sooner and more effectively than lights, sirens, and signs. Learn More

A security layer for all responders.

From routine maintenance to major emergencies, Safety Cloud connects, alerts and protects crews — no matter what lane you’re in.

Easy to Equip Safety Cloud can be equipped on any emergency or alerting vehicle, activated on leading telematics platforms, and now even comes standard on new emergency apparatus.
Cost-Effective to Scale With no data costs and minimal equipment, Safety Cloud can be deployed within a single agency or across multiple coordinating agencies to enable instant connection and protection.
Designed for Customization Privacy, security, and flexibility are critical considerations for modern public safety agencies. Safety Cloud puts control in responders' hands and allows agencies to specify when and how driver alerts are delivered.

The Benefits of Safety Cloud Coverage

Safety Cloud is a solution for fleets and communities of every size that reduces risks, saves lives, and improves operations for fleets, responders, and other roadway workers.

A Trusted Solution

Emergency responders and government agencies across the country use Safety Cloud for safer operations on the road.

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Our Manufacturing Partners

HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud technology is a trusted solution that comes standard with industry technology and integrates with a variety of emergency, maintenance, and public service partners.

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Our Results

HAAS Alert is recognized as a stand-out solution in the field of vehicle technology. Our emphasis on smarter scalable solutions for everyone on the road mean communities are safer with every alert.

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