Safety Cloud
For Road Authority

Safety Cloud® for Road Authority

Protection for work that keeps cities moving

Timely Hazard Alerts

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Keep roadways safe

Leverage Safety Cloud digital alerts to keep drivers safe, reduce roadway congestion, and increase mobility.

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Keep tabs on your vehicles from anywhere

Your work is exclusively on the road. Safety Cloud’s situational awareness dashboard provides real-time operational oversight to view your vehicles' and assets' location and alert status.

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Build better safety initiatives

HAAS Alert sends a monthly report so you can leverage Safety Cloud data to improve your team's safety.

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Pennsylvania Turnpike alerting through Safety Cloud

Learn how the Pennsylvania Turnpike minimized struck-by incidents and collisions after years of hazardous conditions.

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Timely Hazard Alerts

Equip service on any vehicle

DOT fleets can equip Safety Cloud® on any vehicle or rig in two ways.

Integrate our transponder with your lights

The HA-7 connects with lightbars to automatically send digital alerts to other drivers when your  lights are flashing. Customize your transponder to only alert on lighting patterns of your choice. Enjoy easy installation, upgrade capabilities, and even better, minimal down time, and no data plan.

Pair your existing device with Safety Cloud®

HA-D allows fleets to directly activate Safety Cloud technology on existing CAD, GPS, or telematics systems. Using a hardware-free, direct back-end integration, HA-D links existing devices with Safety Cloud to know when lights and sirens are on and deliver digital alerts. Entire fleets can be activated with no additional installation or hardware necessary.

HA-7 Alert Box

Timely Hazard Alerts

Safety Cloud for Road Authority

Learn how Safety Cloud enables a new level of protection and awareness for DOT agencies.