Safety Cloud
For Automotive

Safety Cloud® for Automotive

Safety Cloud sends real-time alerts directly to vehicles for safer and smarter roads

Timely Hazard Alerts

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Provide in-vehicle hazard alerts

Drivers are alerted through navigation apps and vehicle infotainment systems of nearby emergency vehicles, upcoming hazards, traffic signals, and more.

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Improve move over law compliance

Alerts are sent up to 30 seconds in advance to ensure drivers can slow down and move over in a timely manner.

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Create connected protection

Reduce risk of collision by ensuring drivers are alerted before a hazard or emergency vehicle comes in their path.

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Stellantis launches EVAS, powered by Safety Cloud®

The global automaker behind Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram uses Safety Cloud to power its Emergency Vehicle Alert System (EVAS) to notify drivers when they’re near emergency vehicles and roadway hazards.

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Safety Cloud Guide

Learn how Safety Cloud enables a new level of protection and awareness for motorists and automated driving systems

Customer story

South Hills CDJR equips PA fire department with Safety Cloud

After a fire truck was struck while attending to an incident on an interstate, Larry and Christina Winter of South Hills Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and RAM (CDJR) helped equip the department with Safety Cloud.