HAAS Alert Offers Support for Governor Pritzker Action on Move Over

HAAS Alert Offers Support for Governor Pritzker Action on Move Over

May 17, 2019

Today we announced our support and appreciation for Illinois Governor Pritzker, who formally unveiled an action plan to increase public compliance with "Move Over" laws. The plan includes the formation of a bipartisan task force, new funding for driver education, and potential additions to future drivers’ tests.

HAAS Alert CEO, Cory Hohs praised the announcement, which comes in response to the recent increase in first responder collisions and deaths in the state of Illinois.

"We join our community of First Responders in applauding Governor Pritzker and Senators Durbin and Duckworth for calling urgent attention to this public safety crisis, and joining with us to protect our protectors," said Hohs. "We share the Governor's deep concern for the sharp rise in preventable first responder collisions and deaths, and we're committed to doing our part alongside policymakers and law enforcement officials to meaningfully reduce such occurrences.”

HAAS Alert, founded in 2015 in Illinois, offers a public safety service that enables first responders, tow trucks, and other fleet operators to provide advance warning Digital Alerts to motorists and road users for complying with Move Over laws. In-car Digital Alerts proactively assist drivers to take notice when first responders and other roadway workers are nearby so they can safely Move Over and slow down. More than 30 million alerts have been delivered via the HAAS Alert Safety Cloud™network by the Company’s public safety partners across the country.

The service integrates with navigation apps and the company is expanding with Digital Alerts being sent directly to car manufacturer in-dash systems for driver safety. For over a year, various public safety manufacturers have started including Digital Alerts as a standard when vehicles are purchased by departments and municipalities.

“We know the right combination of policy and technology can solve this problem, and every bit of support and effort in raising public awareness will help reduce preventable tragedies," said Hohs.

Oak Brook’s Fire Chief, Barry Liss oversees a suburban department outside of Chicago that started using the HAAS Alert Collision Prevention Alerting System back in December of 2018. “I welcome every opportunity to improve our safety,” said Chief Liss, “and [I’ve] found that the HAAS Alert System has given my department an additional tool to effectively provide motorists advanced warning to our presence on-scenes and on busy roadways where we are most at risk."

View the press release from today here: https://prn.to/2JrjCfw