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A Revolution in Road Safety

Safety Cloud® digital alerting drives transformation in transportation.

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Collision Prevention

Safety Cloud prevents fleet collisions by delivering real-time notifications to oncoming drivers before they encounter response personnel in or near the roadway.

How It Works Trusted Technology for Collision Prevention Safety Cloud alerts drivers to nearby or stopped responder and fleet vehicles in apps like Waze and through Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Our Technology
How It Integrates Expansive Integration Options Fleets can seamlessly activate service through existing CAD, GPS, or telematics systems through a direct back-end link that requires no additional hardware. Our Integrations
How It Helps Real-World Results for Digital Alerting Safety Cloud gets to work immediately and lowers the risk of a collision by up to 90%. Learn more about how digital alerting improves outcomes for fleets of all kinds. Our Case Studies

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Learn how Safety Cloud technology can plug into your fleet for advanced collision protection in this year's guide from the leaders of connected safety.

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Move Over Laws Matter

Safety Cloud Solution

Make Move Over Laws Matter

It’s the law in every state to slow down and move over for certain vehicles on the road with activated emergency lights. Safety Cloud helps drivers comply with the rules of the road by giving drivers up to 30 seconds of advance warning of hazards and response vehicles ahead. 

Move Over Case Studies
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Safety Cloud Solution

Real-Time Fleet Management

Safety Cloud powers a Situational Awareness Dashboard that enables real-time management of on-the-move teams and deployed roadway assets. Use location, alerting status, incident statistics and history to enhance short-term safety and long-term strategic management. Draw on customizable and secure features for interoperability between coordinating agencies across jurisdictions.

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For a single view across fleet assets and personnel, safer work starts with Safety Cloud.

Workzone Safety

Safety Cloud Solution

Work Zone Safety

Struck-by incidents are a serious issue for work zone personnel. Safety Cloud can be equipped on construction vehicles, arrow boards, and other construction assets to alert approaching drivers when they’re encountering an area requiring them to slow down. Read more about our efforts to improve work zone safety.

Latest on Work Zones

Towing Safety

On average, one tow truck driver falls victim to a struck-by incident every six days. Safety Cloud reduces the risk of the greatest threat faced by tow operators in the field.

Collision Prevention Trusted Technology for Collision Prevention Safety Cloud notifies drivers and other fleet vehicle operators of approaching or stopped responder vehicles in apps like Waze, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay. Our Technology
Slow Down, Move Over Alert Drivers to Move Over Towing professionals need every protection available in the field. Safety Cloud helps drivers comply with the law by reminding them to move over. Towing News
Custom Service Plans Service Plans Built for You Safety Cloud protection is designed to be affordable and accessible to all tow fleets, from small family practices to national providers. Get in Touch
Snow Removal

Safety Cloud Solutions

Connected Snowplow Fleets

Snowplow safety and visibility are critical in day-to-day operations, especially in snowy and icy conditions when roads are riskiest. Safety Cloud can protect plowing fleets to alert drivers when they’re approaching active snowplows in the field.

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