December 4, 2018

Our Journey with a U.S. Navy Officer

We wanted to take the opportunity to highlight an incredible experience we had this past summer when HAAS Alert welcomed a Lieutenant from the U.S. Navy Pacific Fleet into our office through a program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), Pacific Fleet Industry Innovation Fellowship.

Prior to the Lieutenant’s arrival and not fully knowing what to expect, we outlined various things we believed would make sense for our new recruit to start with, while keeping in mind we wanted to ensure him opportunities to learn and apply focus to areas that interested him personally, things like IoT and data-driven applications.

Our time was short, only 10 weeks. To say Lieutenant Capaldi was impressive is an understatement.

It came as no surprise given his military background, that he jumped in head first as a dedicated team player and valuable member of our crew. Right away he asked to be able to sit in on all types of meetings where he quickly gained a broad exposure to complex facets of the business. And in retrospect, his instincts to jump in and learn firsthand from observation provided the basis for the success he had during his tenure here.

Between meetings the Lieutenant shadowed operations, studied the technical ecosystem of our products and services, helped with random requests and listened intently to conversations about the office. In maybe two short weeks, his recon and intelligence gathering had paid off, he was already hitting the ground running.

It was clear the Lieutenant understood beyond what was simply asked of him, he also understood and questioned the basis of what he was being asked to do – a major distinction and a skill not easily taught. As a result, he was quickly and efficiently adding value to the output. It wasn’t long before he was doing in-depth research, interpreting data and using web-based tools to create and deliver entirely new documents that found their way into customer materials and company decks. In addition to all that, he rolled up his sleeves and got his hands dirty on several more tactile projects, demonstrated an impeccable work ethic and was extremely productive with his time management of all projects that came across his desk.

“The main objective of the fellowship is for Sailors and Officers to learn about data interoperability from companies on the cutting edge. I quickly learned that HAAS Alert was doing creative things with data and IoT. I enjoyed the open door relationship I had with members of the team including the CTO and VP of Connected Car. They frequently took the time to discuss technical specifics of the products and systems. I challenge anyone interested in the IOT space to dig into the technologies companies like HAAS Alert are developing – it’s mind-boggling and more accessible than one might think. Thank you to HAAS Alert and those at Pacific Fleet and MD5 for the incredible experience.”

-- Lieutenant Capaldi

Needless to say, we viewed the program as a huge success and we hope the Lieutenant’s time with us was fulfilling. We thank Lieutenant Capaldi for his contributions, positive attitude, teamwork, discipline and work ethic. We wish him the best for the remainder of his active duty and he is welcome back here with us any time.

We too would like to thank those at Pacific Fleet and MD5 for delivering the fellowship program that brought us the Lieutenant this past summer and encourage others to look into support of this program.

Thank you to all our veterans and members of the armed forces. We are extremely lucky to be able to work daily with such outstanding members from the military, and of course our Nation’s First Responder community.

You can learn more about the program here:

Pacific Fleet Industry Innovation Fellowship


Contact us for more info.


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