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April 3, 2020

Doing Our Part in the Coronavirus Fight


Safety Cloud is designed first and foremost to prevent motorist collisions involving first responders and roadway operators. Now, our service is also playing a role in the fight against coronavirus. Departments are using Safety Cloud to track increases in ambulance, fire truck, and police vehicle dispatches, identify “hot spots” of calls and potential infections, and more easily identify and monitor COVID 19-dedicated fleet vehicles. When a crisis like this strikes, public safety agencies are forced to manage the urgent demands of the event while also addressing the daily, weekly, and long-term responsibilities they already oversee. To better accommodate the shifting needs of the first responder departments we serve, we've been adapting our operations in recent weeks based on the guidance of our customers. We've developed new tools and initiatives with the goal of making our solutions easier than ever to evaluate, acquire, and deploy. Here's what we're doing:

Webinars and eBooks

With so many teams quarantining and working remotely, we know that departments and fleet managers value educational materials, information sessions, and additional insights into safety enhancements. To address this need, we’re adding a Resources tab to our website. There, you’ll find Webinars for every industry we serve and detailed E-Books on some of the problems and challenges we address. You can also directly schedule a meeting with someone from our team for a customized demonstration and have any questions answered.

Live Chat

First responder departments are moving rapidly to meet the needs of their communities, maintain adequate staffing, and secure the equipment and resources necessary to get the job done safely and swiftly. In this environment, scheduling meetings days or weeks in advance is simply not possible. To help our customers and partner save time and effort, we’ve integrated live chat into our website. Just click on the orange chat button in the bottom right corner of the window to ask any question, and our team will get back to you quickly.

Complimentary Services

In addition to the core Safety Cloud service, HAAS Alert also offers an advanced data integration called FleetFusion. This service enables emergency response centers, traffic centers, state agencies, and similar organizations to use Safety Cloud data to improve interagency coordination and emergency vehicle resource deployment. To support city and regional efforts against Coronavirus and minimize delays in assistance, HAAS Alert is waiving FleetFusion integration and service fees through July 1. You can see more information and inquire about details here.


In this time of uncertainty, we remain inspired by the dedication, hustle, and selfless sacrifice of the first responder and roadside operator communities. Even now, while many of us are at home, they’re taking care of our most vulnerable and keeping infrastructure intact for our collective return. We’re committed to doing our part, as always, to have their back through the last mile. 


Stay Safe,

Team HAAS Alert


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