September 14, 2020

Meet the Summer 2020 HAAS Alert Interns

This summer, HAAS Alert launched our third and largest-ever internship program, bringing talented high school and college students onto our team to shape the next leaders in public safety and automotive innovation. Over the course of 12 weeks, our interns made enormous contributions to projects and initiatives in engineering and technology development, customer service, marketing, and policy and regulatory research. We were consistently impressed with the commitment, hustle, and talent demonstrated by this year's class. Read on to learn more about each intern that joined us this summer, what they worked on, and what they enjoyed most about their time with us.


Name: Brook Agulnek

School: Whitney Young High School

Major/Minor: General Studies

Role: Marketing and Communications

"I enjoyed learning so much about marketing and HAAS Alert!"




Name: Ellie Agulnek

School: Whitney Young High School

Major: General Studies

Role: UI/UX Design

"I really enjoyed creating some graphics for HAAS Alert to use. I loved to experiment with different ways of putting the logo over various images that represent parts of what the company does."



Name: Scott Albert

School: Johnson & Wales

Major/Minor: Marketing/Economics

Role: Sales Analytics

"I most enjoyed being given the opportunity to grow professionally."




Name: Brandon Figueroa

School: University of Notre Dame

Major/Minor: Business and Economics/Data Science

Role: Investment Analyst

"I really enjoyed joining the investor calls and learning how the funding processes worked."




Name: Jacqueline Gesbocker

School: University of Notre Dame

Major: Neuroscience and Behavior

Role: Public Policy

"I most enjoyed interacting with company employees during weekly meetings, who often presented about their own experience in the industry."




Name: Vincent Goyette

School: University of Notre Dame

Major: Computer Science

Role: Website Development

"It was really cool to get a peek at all of the different aspects that go into running a business week-to-week, especially a startup-type company. As someone whose major is often associated with startups, it was really great to work with genuinely good people that also had the business savvy and teamwork skills to make their business work. I was really happy to learn from all of them!"




Name: Katie Lee

School: University of South Florida

Major: Medical Technology

Role: Communications and Design

"I really enjoyed creating, editing, and finalizing design proofs, and receiving feedback for my work to focus on areas that needed help and to create an even better outcome."



Name: Wavian Li

School: University of Chicago

Major/Minor: Economics, Global Studies

Role: Market Strategy

"I most enjoyed the company intern calls because it gave us an opportunity to engage with team members by personally asking questions and learning from their experiences."



1 Sheridan-Rabideau_, Luke 2

Name: Luke Sheridan-Rabideau

School: University of Notre Dame

Major/Minor: Finance/Political Science

Role: Legislative Research

"I enjoyed getting to work on real and meaningful projects as well as learning about the startup industry in general."



linkedin prof pic

Name: Candice Wang

School: University of Chicago

Major/Minor: Economics

Role: Marketing Strategy

"I enjoyed the meetings where I got to know other interns/people's work. It has helped me a lot in understanding the business as a whole."

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