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We've Got Your Fleet Covered

Safety Cloud® ensures the road is clear for essential work in every industry.

Safety Cloud for Law Enforcement

Highway patrols, traffic police, and other law enforcement agencies use Safety Cloud to reduce officer risks and improve department coordination and awareness.

Activate Safety Cloud on Trusted Platforms

Safety Cloud integrates with leading fleet telematics and connectivity platforms, enabling activation of advanced protection in the field with no additional installation necessary.


Equip Service on Any Vehicle

Law enforcement fleets can equip Safety Cloud service on any vehicle in two ways.


In The News

Michigan State Police Avoid Collisions with Safety Cloud

Learn how Michigan State Police successfully implemented Safety Cloud after a year in which 44 patrol vehicles were struck by motorists.

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Whelen Announces Integration with HAAS Alert Safety Cloud

Whelen is launching Collision Prevention and Real-time Digital Alerting powered by HAAS Alert Safety Cloud via the Whelen Cloud Platform later this year.

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For law enforcement personnel, timely responses and safer roads start with Safety Cloud.

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