Real-Time Connected Vehicle Safety

Safety Cloud® monitors the road and alerts drivers when it matters the most.

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Safety Cloud

Safer Roads, Everywhere and Anywhere

Safety Cloud by HAAS Alert is the Nation's first-ever C-V2X (cellular vehicle-to-everything) platform dedicated to road safety.


How It Works

How Safety Cloud Works

Safety Cloud is a digital warning system for road safety. When emergency fleets activate their lights, Safety Cloud automatically delivers real-time notifications to approaching drivers before they encounter response personnel in or near the roadway. These alerts are received by nearby motorists and vehicles and give drivers more time to slow down and move over.

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Safety Cloud For Every Fleet

Fleets can equip Safety Cloud in two ways:



Manage Fleets with a Situational Awareness Dashboard

The Safety Cloud network powers a Situational Awareness Dashboard that lets managers keep track of on-the-move teams and deployed roadway assets in real-time. Use location, alerting status, and incident statistics to enhance short-term safety and long-term strategic management. Customized, secure, and designed for interoperability between coordinating agencies across jurisdictions.

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R2R Add-On

Responder-to-Responder Alerting

Responder-to-Responder (R2R™) alerts notify responders when other Safety Cloud-equipped vehicles in active response mode are imminently approaching the same intersection. A set of lights attached inside the vehicle alert operators that a potential collision is imminent, providing critical warning to slow down.



Expand and Innovate with FleetFusion™

Integrate a streaming feed of structured, real-time vehicle data from Safety Cloud into other third-party applications. FleetFusion allows you to enrich your internal dashboards, applications (e.g., ESRI’s ArcGIS), and traffic management centers with data generated by your Safety Cloud-equipped vehicles.

Safety Cloud Guide

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Safety Cloud 2021 Guide
Collision Prevention Advance warning reduces the likelihood of collision by up to 90%. Collision Prevention
Slow Down, Move Over Digital alerts give drivers more time to comply with state Move Over laws. Move Over Compliance
Fleet Management Real-time situational awareness enhances emergency response and roadway operations. Fleet Management

Use Cases

Safety Cloud's real-time vehicle communication network makes roads safer and smarter.



Connected Vehicles Start with Safety

Connected vehicles are the future. HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud service uniquely utilizes existing connectivity to enable vehicle-to-vehicle communication today, paving the way to the autonomous solutions and C-V2X applications of tomorrow.

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Making Smart Cities Smarter

Safety Cloud enables innovation in mobility including smart city initiatives, traffic incident management centers, public maps, and more. Unlock new insights into community hazards and incidents to develop new breakthroughs and improvements in transportation networks.

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From emergency responders to DOT crews, safer roads start with Safety Cloud.

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